The NorthDakota Long Term Recovery Fund

The North Dakota Long Term Recovery fund is established to support the unmet needs of people who have been impacted by disaster. 

Through case management, the unmet needs will be presented (anonymously) to the Long Term Recovery Committee for fair and equitable distribution of funds and/or resources. 

By providing a monetary donation to the Long Term Recovery Fund, you will help areas that has been affected by disaster. If you wish to donate to a specific community or relief organization, please specify with your contribution. 


Contributions are tax deductible.

To contribute to the N.D. Long Term Recovery Fund, please send a check or money order to:

N.D. Long Term Recovery Fund
1720 3rd Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102


National Donations Management Network

Connect to those in need anywhere in the United States through the National Donations Management Network. By donating good or services, your contribution will benefit people where it is needed. You can even donate your time through volunteering in impacted areas. Whatever you choose to donate, you can help those in need when they need it.

To donate goods or services or volunteer, Visit the North Dakota portal. (not working)

To donate cash, visit a list ( not working) of national charitable organizations that assist in disaster recovery.