History has taught us that we can prepare for events, but often we  just don’t have the people power to meet all the needs during an event.  We need help, but where do we get that help?  In response to this need, the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services developed an Emergency Management Support Team (EMST).  


The North Dakota Emergency Management Support Team (EMST) under the direction of ND Department of Emergency Services (NDDES), may be deployed as a state asset in response to emergency incidents or disasters. The team members provide support to local jurisdictions or state agencies in the form of technical assistance or mission specific assignments when resources may be over-taxed due to the nature or significance of the incident. 

Our EMST is a pre-designated, commonly and jointly trained, group of individuals having multiple skills and abilities who act independently or as a team for the purposes of providing or supplementing the incident response capabilities of a jurisdiction or agency. 

Team members represent a cross section of disciplines, to include fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, public works, public health and private business.  They have been trained to a level of competency in several areas and have real life experiences in emergency response. 

Team members may fill a variety of support roles to include but are not limited to planning, logistics, finance/documentation, public information, safety, staging area, WebEOC, liaison, and others.


ND EMST-- ready to respond to assist local jurisdictions in need!




Joe Lies

NE Regional Emergency Response Coordinator
611 1st Ave N
New Rockford, ND 58356