Emergency Management Support Team (EMST)

   The 2009 spring flood stretched the response capabilities of local jurisdictions to the breaking point. Other spring and summer floods, numerous hazardous material spills, tornadoes, and other events that occurred in recent years have had a catastrophic impact on affected communities overwhelming resources. 

There will continue to be events of such magnitude that local jurisdictions response agencies will be overwhelmed. In addition, with the volunteer nature of North Dakota response forces, the event managers may become disaster victims limiting their ability to respond. 


To collaborate with state agencies and local jurisdictions, including tribal nations, to build two Type III EMSTs with response capabilities that will enhance emergency preparedness and response for all hazards through a regional approach.


Joe Lies

 NE Regional Emergency Response Coordinator
 C/O Grand Forks
 Fire Department
 1124 Demers Avenue
 Grand Forks, ND 58201