2019 Agency Flood Cost Instructions

For determination of funding sources for the 2019 flooding, all agencies are asked to please provide estimates of initial costs of the 2019 flood response and recovery.

The excel spreadsheet contains several tabs to include a main “total” tab. This is the tab that should be used to provide estimates of costs for flood support by categories shown on this tab.

Currently, there is no dedicated state or federal funding available for agency reimbursement. However, conditions exist that make a presidential disaster declaration possible. If such funding becomes available, the remaining tabs on our worksheet will be used to support and provide documentation for actual costs on the “total” tab.

Please keep in mind this spreadsheet is merely a tool to estimate preliminary costs of the 2019 flood. The estimated costs will be compiled by NDDES and eventually determine if there will be a funding mechanism for both state and local entities.

We ask that you please provide updates of your estimates on a weekly basis beginning April 10, 2019.


Estimates should be emailed to Hally Gaugler

Agency Flood Costs Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet for calculating flood costs for state and local agencies.