The Division of State Radio coordinates 9-1-1 services as well as emergency medical, fire, and law enforcement response. It provides all public safety communications services for 25 counties and is the designated back-up for the other 15 public service answering points throughout the state. State Radio is the primary dispatch center for the N.D. Highway Patrol and also responds to calls for emergency assistance across the state. Statewide communication services ensure necessary resources are dispatched or emergency response. 

A communications center open 24 hours a day provides direct assistance to more than 4,000 users representing 287 federal, state, local, and tribal agencies. Services include the following:

  • AMBER/Silver/Blue Alert Response 
  • Mobile Data Terminal Communication Systems
  • National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
  • National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS)
  • National Warning System (NAWAS)
  • N.D. Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
  • State Radio Communications System
  • State warning point for the National Warning System (NAWAS) notification
  • Statewide Paging System
  • Statewide 9-1-1 and Emergency Telephone Systems
  • Statewide Roadblock System
  • Statewide Frequency Coordination System

Public Safety Communication System

   Law Enforcement's requests for vehicle information, drivers license status information, and immediate checks on persons for felony and misdemeanor warrants, as well as checks for stolen property receive a response from State Radio within seconds. Law Enforcement receives All Points Bulletins on serious crimes within minutes of the criminal act.

Notification of a hazardous materials related incident is quickly forwarded to the appropriate local and state responders for action to contain and clean up a spill.

State Radio can keep a running log on Emergency medical responders, their status and location, as well as relay information to a hospital, or coordinate an emergency intercept.

State Radio monitors local fire fighting responders, logging the progress of fire extermination, or increases in size of fire area, and dispatch mutual aid fire departments to assist in fire fighting requirements.

Statewide Paging System

   Many agencies depend on pager notification in an emergency. State Radio activates pager systems for federal agencies, such as the FBI and U.S. Marshal Service, as well as state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies, such as the N.D. Highway Patrol, County Sheriff's and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) officers. Fire departments and emergency medical responders throughout the state are also notified by pager, as are county emergency management, federal and state park rangers and the Civil Air Patrol. These and many more agencies are included in more than 140 pages of individual pagers listed in the State Radio paging directory.

North Dakota Law Enforcement Teletype System (NDLETS)

   This is a statewide dedicated law enforcement information system that allows law enforcement in North Dakota to communicate with other law enforcement in North Dakota as well as seamlessly communicate nationwide. It allows law enforcement access to the National Crime Information Center.

This dedicated system features the immediate ability to retrieve motor vehicle registration information and drivers license status information. Criminal activity and descriptive information can be shared with other law enforcement.